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Other Services

There are always situations that you can't prevent and sometimes you didn't even plan for them. However, when they happen, we're here to help. We offer other cleaning services as the list shows below but not limited to that. If you think there is damage to your property and don't know if it can be fixed instead of replacing, then give us a call.

Here is list of common situations we have encounter:

  • Gum on pavement removal

  • Bird waste stain

  • Billboard and posters removal

  • Bird abatement and spikes to keep birds off

  • Glass renewal from scratches and hard water deposits

Just give us a call. Regardless of what the situation can be. If any surface is stained, damaged or has any visual problem just contact us. You can send us a photo with your phone and we can tell you immediately if we can clean it, and chances are we will.

We have hundreds and hundreds of satisfied customers in the San Francisco Bay area ranging from small home owners to large companies.

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